Here you will find the actions that you can take to make a difference in conserving the blocks at 2 Bangaroos Street, and stopping the proposed destruction of riparian land by Northern Beaches Council to build houses.

Current Actions

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Previous Actions

Prior to 13th December

eMail Councillors supporting a motion to delay the sale and consult the community.

Councillor Candy Bingham has submitted a motion to delay the sale process, review direction and consult with the community about this land.

It is important that the community shows support for this so that Councillors are encouraged to vote in favour of the motion.

See agenda item 15.1 (page 103) for details.

This motion will be voted on by Council at the Council Meeting on 13th December 2022.

Please click the button below and send the email that is drafted for you
(or use your own words).

Prior to 5th December

Provide feedback to Northern Beaches Council Environmental Protection Consultation.

This is an opportunity to request the land be rezoned C2 (cannot be sold nor developed). Our mailing list received links and one-click buttons to submit feedback to Council.

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